Houses, and other spaces and environments in which people spend their time, have a crucial impact on quality of life. We are increasingly living in multi-cultural cities and communities, and this too significantly affects how we feel about spaces in which we live. This volume brings together psychologists, architects, designers and planners to discuss issues of housing, space, sustainability and multi-culturalism. In doing so, the book provides an insightful critical analysis of space, place and the quality of life. It also addresses the implications of intercultural tension on quality of life and on the way in which people use and interact in a multi-cultural space. With case studies from Spain, Turkey, Brazil, the UK, the USA and Israel, it discusses issues such as low-cost housing, security, environmental conservation and sustainability, alternative building techniques, cultural diversity and its impact on housing and urban design.

chapter 1|5 pages

Housing, Space and Quality of Life: Introduction

ByRicardo García-Mira, David L. Uzzell, J. Eulogio Real, José Romay

chapter 2|10 pages

The Perception of Urban Space from Two Different Viewpoints: Pedestrians and Automobile Passengers

ByRicardo García-Mira, Myriam Goluboff

chapter 3|12 pages

Space Use, Dwelling Layout and Housing Quality: An Example of Low-Cost Housing in Istanbul

ByAhsen Özsoy, Güçin Pulat Gökmen

chapter 4|11 pages

An Evaluation of 'the Feeling of Security' in a New Mass Housing Compound in Istanbul

BySuat Apak, Gokhan Ulken, Alper Unlu

chapter 5|18 pages

Transfer Process of Self-Built Houses in Environmental Protection Areas in the Region of Campinas, Brazil

BySilvia A. Mikami G. Pina, Doris C.C.K. Kowaltowski, Regina C. Ruschel, Lucila C. Labaki, Stelamaris R. Bertolli, Francisco Borges Filho, Édison Fávero

chapter 6|11 pages

Assessing the Acceptability of Alternative Cladding Materials in Housing: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges

ByAnthony Craig, Leanne Abbott, Richard Laing, Martin Edge

chapter 8|15 pages

How Does Immigration Impact on the Quality of Life in a Small Town?

ByJames J. Potter, Rodrigo Cantarero, X. Winston Yan, Steven Larrick, Heather Keele, Blanca E. Ramirez

chapter 10|12 pages

Student Preferences for University Accommodation: An Application of the Stated Preference Approach

ByHarmen Oppewal, Yaniv Poria, Neil Ravenscroft, Gerda Speller

chapter 11|13 pages

Culture and Architecture: Theoretical and Methodological Issues

ByWilliam J. Thompson

chapter 13|20 pages

The Home as a Territorial System (II) 1

ByMariann Märtsin, Toomas Niit