Genocide is both the gravest of crimes under international law and the ultimate violation of human rights. Recent years have seen major legal and political developments concerning genocide and other mass violations of rights. This collection brings together, for the first time, leading essays covering definitions, legislation, the sociology of genocide, prevention, humanitarian intervention, accountability, punishment and reconciliation.

part I|177 pages

Definitions and Leglislation

chapter 1|7 pages

Genocide as a Crime Under International Law

ByRaphael Lemkin

chapter 3|21 pages

The Genocide Definition in the Jurisprudence of the Ad Hoc Tribunals

ByGuglielmo Verdirame

chapter 4|12 pages

Rape, Genocide, and Women’s Human Rights*

ByCatharine A. MacKinnon

part III|100 pages

Preventing Genocide

chapter 12|37 pages

Justice and Realpolitik: International Law and the Prevention of Genocide*

ByLouis René Beres

chapter 13|17 pages

Genocide and humanitarian intervention

ByJack Donnelly

chapter 14|18 pages

Anticipatory Humanitarian Intervention in Kosovo

ByJonathan I. Charney

chapter 15|6 pages

Legal Responses to Genocide and other Massive Violations of Human Rights

ByW. Michael Reisman

part IV|138 pages

Punishment and Reconciliation

chapter 16|28 pages

Accountability for Past Abuses

ByJuan E. Méndez

chapter 18|16 pages

Atrocities, Deterrence, and the Limits of International Justice

ByDavid Wippman

chapter 19|24 pages

A classification of denials of the Holocaust and other genocides

ByIsrael W. Charny