More than any other major U.S. city, Atlanta regularly reinvents itself. From the Civil War’s devastation to the 1996 Olympic boom to the current housing crisis, the city’s history is a cycle of rise and fall, ruin and resurgence.

In Planning Atlanta, two dozen planning practitioners and thought leaders bring the story to life. Together they trace the development of projects like Freedom Parkway and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. They examine the impacts of race relations on planning and policy. They explore Atlanta’s role as a 19th-century rail hub—and as the home of the world’s busiest airport. They probe the city’s economic and environmental growing pains. And they look toward new plans that will shape Atlanta’s next incarnation.

Read Planning Atlanta and discover a city where change is always in the wind.

chapter |8 pages


ByHarley F. Etienne, Barbara Faga

part 1|80 pages

Terminus to the International City

chapter 1|13 pages

Learning from Atlanta

ByDouglas Allen

chapter 2|13 pages

Changing Demographics and Unprecedented Growth

ByEllen Heath, John Heath

chapter 4|8 pages

Creating Urban Reinvention: Downtown Atlanta

ByPual B. Kelman

chapter 5|12 pages

Crazy Like The Fox: Atlanta’s Preservation Schizophrenia

ByLeslie N. Sharp

chapter 6|9 pages

Public-Private Partnerships: Atlanta Style

ByJoseph G. Martin

chapter 7|12 pages

Building Public Transit in Atlanta: From Streetcars to MARTA

ByHarry L. West

part 2|70 pages

Diversity and Development

chapter 8|9 pages

The Genesis of Citizen of Participation in Atlanta

ByLeon S. Eplan

chapter 9|8 pages

Freedom Park: A Modern Day Battle

ByBarbara Faga

chapter 11|16 pages

Public Housing Demolition and Neighborhood Revitalization

ByThomas D. Boston

chapter 12|9 pages

The Evolution of the Business Leaders Who Built Modern Atlanta

ByMaria Saporta

chapter 13|12 pages

Neighborhood Quality of Life and Health in Atlanta

ByNisha Botchwey, Susannah Lee, Audrey Leous, Subhro Guhathakurta

part 3|57 pages

Travel, Traffic, and Transit Define a Region

chapter 14|8 pages

Regional Growth, Transportation, and Congestion: The Atlanta Problem

ByCatherine Ross

chapter 16|9 pages

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport: A City of Its Own

ByBenjamin R. DeCosta

chapter 17|11 pages

Modern Streetcars Return to Atlanta

ByJennifer Ball

chapter 18|13 pages

Atlanta’s BeltLine: The Emerald Necklace Shaping the City’s Future

ByAlexander Garvin

part 4|55 pages

Boom and Bust

chapter 19|12 pages

The Legacy of the Centennial Olympic Games

ByRandal Roark

chapter 21|4 pages

Economic Development: From Porsche to Tyler Perry

ByElisabeth Kulinski

chapter 22|13 pages

After the Crash: Foreclosures, Neighborhood Stability, and Change

ByMichael Carnathan

chapter 23|10 pages

Building Atlanta’s Land Bank

ByFrank S. Alexander

part 5|39 pages

Innovation and Challenges Shape the Future

chapter 25|4 pages

Atlantic Station: Location, Location, Location

ByBrian Leary

chapter 26|9 pages

Planning for the Forest and the Trees: The City in a Forest

ByJason Vargo

chapter 27|3 pages

The Buckhead Community Improvement District

ByJim Durrett

chapter 28|8 pages

Atlanta’s Role in the State of Georgia

ByDavid Pendered

chapter |2 pages


ByShirley Franklin