China’s sports history and its contemporary role in the global sporting community have become well-known, but the sporting history and development of China’s two Special Administrative Regions – Hong Kong and Macau – have not received the coverage they deserve either in their historical contexts or since the handovers of control to the People's Republic. By drawing on a multi-national group of scholars and practitioners, this volume makes a unique contribution to the understanding of sports development in greater China. The essays in this anthology examine the evolution of key sports, the hosting of sporting mega-events, the nexus of sports and politics, identity issues, and the role of sporting diplomacy. The chapters provide not only an analysis of colonial legacies but also in-depth accounts of the challenges to and outcomes of sports development in Hong Kong after 1997 and Macau after 1999.

The chapters in this book were originally published in various special issues of The International Journal of the History of Sport.

chapter |1 pages

Note from the Editors

ByBrian Bridges, Marcus P. Chu

chapter |4 pages


ByBrian Bridges

chapter |17 pages

The Hong Kong Games in the Eyes of Local Sports and Recreation Students

ByGlos Ho, Edmond Yik Ming Yiu, Michael Huen Sum Lam

chapter |12 pages

Maintaining a Minority Sport: Cricket in Post-Colonial Hong Kong

ByBrian Bridges

chapter |16 pages

Sports–Politics Puzzle in China’s Macau

ByEilo Wing-yat Yu, Leo Hou-ieong Lei