The contribution of buildings to climate change is widely acknowledged. This book investigates how building regulatory systems are addressing the current and future effects of climate change, and how these systems can be improved. After presenting a comprehensive overview of how the current building regulatory system developed, some of the inadequacies are identified. The largest part of the book examines the potential for innovative policy solutions to address the real world problem of mitigating and adapting buildings to climate change. This publication contributes significantly to our understanding of the complexities of long-term energy efficiency in buildings. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Building Research & Information journal.

part |40 pages

Part 1: Impact of building regulations on the built environment

part |21 pages

Part 2: Inadequacy of current building regulatory systems

chapter |15 pages

Research Paper: The impact of regulations on overheating risk in dwellings

ByMark Mulville, Spyridon Stravoravdis

part |27 pages

Part 3: Addressing the performance gap

chapter |16 pages

Research Paper: Framework for selecting occupancy-focused energy interventions in buildings

ByAslihan Karatas, Allisandra Stoiko, Carol C. Menassa

chapter |10 pages

Information Paper: Improved governance for energy efficiency in housing

ByHenk Visscher, Frits Meijer, Daša Majcen, Laure Itard

part |70 pages

Part 4: Innovative policy solutions

chapter |12 pages

Research Paper: Energy efficiency and the policy mix

ByJan Rosenow, Tina Fawcett, Nick Eyre, Vlasis Oikonomou

chapter |15 pages

Information Paper: Governance strategies to achieve zero-energy buildings in China

ByJingjing Zhang, Nan Zhou, Adam Hinge, Wei Feng, Shicong Zhang

chapter |15 pages

Research Paper: The evolution of green leases: towards inter-organizational environmental governance

ByKathryn B. Janda, Susan Bright, Julia Patrick, Sara Wilkinson, Timothy J. Dixon

part |13 pages

Part 5: Historic buildings

chapter |12 pages

Research Paper: Governance of heritage buildings: Australian regulatory barriers to adaptive reuse

BySheila Conejos, Craig Langston, Edwin H. W. Chan, Michael Y. L. Chew

part |19 pages

Part 6: Financial incentives

chapter |18 pages

Research Paper: Regulatory incentives for green buildings: gross floor area concessions

ByQueena K. Qian, Ke Fan, Edwin H. W. Chan

part |29 pages

Part 7: Future governance

part |34 pages

Part 8: Enforcement

chapter |13 pages

Research Paper: Comparative review of building commissioning regulation: a quality perspective

BySue-Fay Lord, Sarah Noye, Jim Ure, Mike G. Tennant, David J. Fisk