Practical Research Methods in Education is a hands-on guide which critically explores and scrutinizes research methods used in educational enquiry. Drawing on the research, practical experience and reflections of active researchers, each chapter offers explanations, examples, tasks for students to undertake and suggestions for further reading, all of which are designed to strengthen understanding of practical methods of data collection in educational and social-science research.

This insightful book offers:

  • Detailed illustration of a range of data-collection methods and approaches used in educational research
  • Chapters written by active researchers, experienced in addressing challenges of carrying out practical research in education
  • Examples, study tasks and suggestions for further reading in each chapter
  • An exploration of critical reflection and decision-making in relation to research methodology in education
  • Close attention to research ethics

Exploring practical methods of data-collection for educational and social-science research, Practical Research Methods in Education is a unique and valuable resource for any students interested and engaged in the planning and completion of their own investigations.

chapter Chapter 1|11 pages

Using questionnaires

ByBrendan Bartram

chapter Chapter 2|11 pages

Using interviews

ByJo Winwood

chapter Chapter 3|12 pages


ByTunde Rozsahegyi

chapter Chapter 4|10 pages

Involving children

ByMike Lambert

chapter Chapter 5|10 pages

Using video as data

ByMarte Blikstad-Balas

chapter Chapter 6|12 pages

Using quantitative data

ByMichael Jopling

chapter Chapter 7|9 pages

Document analysis

ByJane O’Connor

chapter Chapter 8|12 pages

‘Doing text’

Madness in the methods
ByJulian McDougall

chapter Chapter 9|15 pages


A science of subjectivity
ByGavin Rhoades, Zeta Brown

chapter Chapter 10|11 pages


Participatory research in the early years
ByHelen Lyndon

chapter Chapter 11|10 pages


ByJoke Dewilde

chapter Chapter 12|8 pages

Case study

ByTunde Rozsahegyi

chapter Chapter 13|10 pages

Grounded theory

ByMike Lambert