This book brings together scholars from across a variety of academic disciplines to assess the current state of the subfield of popular geopolitics. It provides an archaeology of the field, maps the flows of various frameworks of analysis into (and out of) popular geopolitics, and charts a course forward for the discipline. It explores the real-world implications of popular culture, with a particular focus on the evolving interdisciplinary nature of popular geopolitics alongside interrelated disciplines including media, cultural, and gender studies.

chapter |20 pages


Theorising the realm of popular geopolitics
ByRobert A. Saunders, Vlad Strukov

part |106 pages

Theorising the (inter)discipline of popular geopolitics

chapter |20 pages

The origins and evolution of popular geopolitics

An interview with Jo Sharp and Klaus Dodds
ByJason Dittmer

chapter |20 pages

Popular geopolitics and popular culture in world politics

Pasts, presents, futures
ByKyle Grayson

chapter |20 pages

Towards a new paradigm of resistance

Theorising popular geopolitics as an interdiscipline
ByVlad Strukov

chapter |22 pages

Gender studies and popular geopolitics

Indispensable bedfellows for interdisciplinarity
ByFederica Caso

chapter |22 pages

Crossing the boundary

‘Real-world’ geopolitical responses to the popular 1
ByRobert A. Saunders

part |122 pages

Popular geopolitics goes global and looks into the future

chapter |23 pages

The convenient fiction of geopolitics

Rethinking ‘America’ in the geopolitical imagination of Yugoslav culture 1
ByMaša Kolanović

chapter |22 pages

Beyond brand Bollywood

Alternative articulations of geopolitical discourse in new Indian films
ByAshvin Devasundaram

chapter |23 pages

‘Directed by Hollywood, edited by China’?

Chinese soft power, geo-imaginaries, and neo-Orientalism(s) in recent U.S. blockbusters
ByChris Homewood

chapter |19 pages

‘Warning! Zombies Ahead …’

Determinate negation, predatory capitalism, and globalised place-making
ByRoxanne Chaitowitz, Shannon Brincat

chapter |19 pages

Popular geopolitics and the landscapes of virtual war

ByDaniel Bos

chapter |14 pages


Further conceptualisations of the interdiscipline
ByRobert A. Saunders, Vlad Strukov