This book dives into student development theory, unpacking key foundational and emergent theories of college student development while providing contemporary examples and application. Showcasing a diversity of programs, practices, and services across a variety of institutional types, Applying Student Development Theories Holistically demonstrates how professionals are intertwining the science of theory with the art of practice in multidimensional, holistic ways. Helping aspiring higher education and student affairs practitioners grasp and use theories holistically, this important text brings to life theoretical knowledge to enhance the development and learning of college and university students.

chapter 1|14 pages

Introduction: Developmental Theories as Exemplar Programming Guides

ByKatie Branch, Monique N. Golden

part I|62 pages

Who Am I? Psychosocial and Social Identity Development

chapter 2|15 pages

A Pre-Orientation Retreat to Increase Retention and Develop Competence

ByKelly Carter Merrill

chapter 3|14 pages

An Identity Development and Support Initiative for Black Men

ByJonathan A. McElderry, Jordan Williams, Marcus Mayes, Donald D. Gilliam, Curtis Taylor

chapter 4|16 pages

Relationship Building as a Pathway to Cross-Cultural Awareness

ByJennifer A. Blair, Gordon S. Louie

chapter 5|15 pages

A Student Organization for First-Generation Students

BySarah E. Schoper, Emily N. Davidson, Christine Nguyen

part II|44 pages

How Do I Make Meaning? Cognitive Development

chapter 6|15 pages

Ethical and Moral Reasoning Development Across Campus

ByAnna Randolph Lehnen, Lori K. Pyle

chapter 7|14 pages

Promoting Self-Authorship Using Individualized Accountability Plans

ByErik Sorensen, Elizabeth K. Walsh

chapter 8|13 pages

Self-Authorship and Critical Praxis With Student Staff

ByChelsea Fullerton, Scott Burden

part III|46 pages

Influences on Development

chapter 9|14 pages

Supporting Transitions From a Community College to a Four-Year Institution

BySharee L. Myricks, Amber F. DePree, Julie M. Landaw

chapter 10|17 pages

Fostering Engagement With Social Justice Through Experiential Learning

ByB. Ashley Staples, Ben Jones, Vanessa Perez

chapter 11|13 pages

Theory-in-Use Core Concepts: Perspectives From Scholarly Practitioners

ByKatie Branch, Jeanne S. Hart-Steffes