The Business Student’s Guide to Sustainable Management has become a core textbook for business undergraduates. With a full introduction to sustainable management, the textbook covers all subject areas relevant to business students.

This second edition features fully updated chapters on how to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into accounting, marketing, HR and other subjects in management and business studies. Furthermore, this second edition offers brand new chapters on how to teach the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) in any business discipline, how to explore new business models designed to support sustainable development and how to crowdsource for sustainable solutions.

The book contains over 40 ready-made seminars/short workshops which enable teachers and students to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into every discipline in business, including economics, operations, marketing, HR, and financial reporting. Each chapter follows the same easy-to-use format.

The Business Student’s Guide to Sustainable Management  provides a true treasure chest of materials to support staff wanting to integrate sustainability into their teaching and provides support to effectively embed sustainability in the curriculum. The chapters also offer a starting point in developing teaching units for Masters and MBA students. The material is not just useful to people in business schools, but to those involved in wider scale curriculum change, and those looking to make links between different disciplines (for example, how to teach system thinking, corporate peace-making and the crowdsourcing of sustainable solutions).

Online Teaching Notes to accompany each chapter are available on request with the purchase of the book.

part |155 pages


chapter 1|11 pages

The structure and purpose of this book

ByPetra Molthan-Hill

chapter 2|38 pages

A new framework for embedding sustainability into the business school curriculum

ByPetra Molthan-Hill, Susan Hill, Carole Parkes

chapter 3|32 pages

Exploring sustainability and your employability

ByRichard Howarth, Fiona Winfield

chapter 4|44 pages

Integrating the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic

ByAldilla Dharmasasmita, Lina Erlandsson, Jessica Willats, Seraphina Brown

chapter 5|29 pages

PRME, the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals

ByTabani Ndlovu

part |252 pages

Embedding Sustainability Into Core Subjects

chapter 6|36 pages

Sustainability reporting

ByChristian Herzig, Biswaraj Ghosh

chapter 7|33 pages

Designing sustainable business with the base of the pyramid

ByAngelo P. Bisignano, Patricia H. Werhane, Michael Ehret

chapter 8|32 pages

Environmental economics

ByRosa Maria Fernandez

chapter 9|27 pages

Human resource management: developing sustainability mindsets

ByElaine Cohen, Daniel King

chapter 10|30 pages

Sustainable marketing

ByHelen Goworek

chapter 11|39 pages

Crowdsourcing for sustainable solutions 1

ByLorinda R. Rowledge

chapter 12|23 pages

Sustainable operations management

ByMaggie Zeng, Roy Stratton

chapter 13|31 pages

Sustainable supply chain management

ByLynn Oxborrow, Peter Lund-Thomsen

part |90 pages

Adding Core Topics to the Curriculum

chapter 14|50 pages

Climate change and greenhouse gas management

ByAldilla Dharmasasmita, Ellie Kennedy, Helen Puntha, Richard Holmes

chapter 15|39 pages

Stakeholder engagement and corporate peacemaking

ByNatalie Ralph, Ellie Kennedy

part |72 pages

Bringing It All Together

chapter 16|32 pages

Systems thinking and sustainable management

ByNéstor Valero-Silva

chapter 17|39 pages

Developing sustainably responsible strategies in business

ByMathias Schüz