Progressive Justice in an Age of Repression provides a much-needed engagement with questions of justice and reform within the current phase of global capitalism, one that is marked not only by significant social inequality, but also political bifurcation. It offers guidance on progressive strategies for resistance.

It also extends criminological analysis by situating these contemporary challenges as globalized and inextricably linked to questions of political economy, law, and society. Bringing together an international selection of scholars, this book draws on a range of issues, such as immigration, street crime and the renewed push for "law and order," violence against women, environmental injustice, assaults on health care and social services, and the unleashing of private corporate exploitation of natural resources. It is a clarion for strategic thinking, a call for action fuelled by informed analysis, and a reimagining of the progressive society that is under attack by Trumpism, populism, and a rising right.

This is an important read for those who teach and study criminology, deviance and social control, social problems, legal studies, political science, and policy studies. It is also a useful resource for practitioners, community-based activists, and policy makers seeking new ways of thinking critically about crime, law, and social control.

chapter |10 pages


Responding to repression
ByWalter S. DeKeseredy

chapter 1|15 pages

But Why This Man?

Challenging hegemonic masculinity in an age of repression
ByWalter S. DeKeseredy

chapter 2|16 pages

Why the Left Must Change

Right-wing populism in context
BySimon Winlow, Steve Hall, James Treadwell

chapter 3|19 pages

Social Change and Drugs

Rural America and the rise of Donald Trump
ByJoseph F. Donnermeyer

chapter 4|12 pages

Getting Crime Right

Framing everyday violence in the age of Trump
ByElliott Currie

chapter 5|13 pages

The Limits of Police Reform

ByAlex S. Vitale

chapter 6|13 pages

What Would a Just Justice System Look Like?

BySandra Walklate

chapter 8|21 pages

Beyond the Ricochets

Unpacking the modern gun culture and its political stalemate
ByPeter Squires

chapter 9|19 pages

Abortion Politics and the Persistence of Patriarchy

ByMeda Chesney-Lind

chapter 10|15 pages

Resisting Ecocide

Engaging in the politics of the future
ByRob White

chapter 11|13 pages

Youth for social justice in an age of youth expendability

ByRandy Myers, Tim Goddard

chapter 12|12 pages

What’s wrong with American criminal justice reform?

BySonya Goshe

chapter 13|19 pages

Continuity of American Xenophobia under Trump and Plausible alternatives

ByJames Diego Vigil, Nativo Lopez Vigil

chapter |10 pages


Pitfalls and possibilities
ByElliott Currie