This volume extends the knowledge base supporting research-informed child care for infants and toddlers, while simultaneously highlighting areas of study ripe for future research. The authors demonstrate from a systems perspective, that the experiences and outcomes of very young children in child care are influenced by characteristics of and interactions between the children, adults, and settings. Varying methodological approaches as well as the utilization of newer data collection instruments inform the field’s understanding of current practices and procedures while offering guidance for future programming and policy. In turn, the chapters highlight a plethora of open questions and a need for a new generation of research to support the field of infant/toddler care. Future challenges are evident in the recognition of the inadequate nature of our current measures of child outcomes and classroom processes, the field’s unmet promise to incorporate interdisciplinary perspectives, and the need for newer methodological designs that blend the strengths of quantitative and qualitative approaches.

These issues are important given the growing demand for infant/toddler care and the increasing recognition of the unique role of this age period in serving as the foundation for all later development. This book was originally published as a special issue of Early Education and Development.

chapter |4 pages

Introduction: Group Care for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

ByDeborah J. Norris, Diane M. Horm

chapter |21 pages

Measuring the Multifaceted Nature of Infant and Toddler Care Quality

ByPeter L. Mangione, Kerry Kriener-Althen, Jennifer Marcella

chapter |20 pages

A Mixed Methods Investigation of Maternal Perspectives on Transition Experiences in Early Care and Education

ByRebecca Anne Swartz, Katherine Elizabeth Speirs, Amy Johnson Encinger, Nancy L. McElwain

chapter |31 pages

Experiences of Parents and Professionals in Well-Established Continuity of Care Infant Toddler Programs

ByMary Benson McMullen, Na Ra Yun, Alina Mihai, Hyojin Kim

chapter |19 pages

Continuity of Care, Caregiver–Child Interactions, and Toddler Social Competence and Problem Behaviors

ByKaren Ruprecht, James Elicker, Ji Young Choi

chapter |19 pages

The Four Roles of a Master Toddler Teacher

ByJill Uhlenberg

chapter |16 pages

Teacher–Child Interactions in Early Head Start Classrooms: Associations With Teacher Characteristics

BySherri Castle, Amy C. Williamson, Emisha Young, Jessica Stubblefield, Deborah Laurin, Nicole Pearce

chapter |28 pages

Attachment Predicts College Students’ Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills for Working With Infants, Toddlers, and Families

ByClaire D. Vallotton, Julia Torquati, Jean Ispa, Rachel Chazan-Cohen, Jennifer Henk, Maria Fusaro, Carla A. Peterson, Lori A. Roggman, Ann M. Stacks, Gina Cook, Holly Brophy-Herb