There is a broad and long-standing debate on possible solutions to the regional vulnerabilities of globalisation. In 2014, the European Commission began implementing Smart Specialisation Strategy, a place-based strategy of growth, regional transformation and new industrial policy with collective entrepreneurial discovery processes (EDP) at its core. This volume approaches the mystery of entrepreneurial discovery; that is, how relevant knowledge is created, converted and shared in a process of discovery.

These essays bring together scholars from economics, geography, sociology, organisation studies, innovation studies, and complexity theory, offering new approaches to overcome the limitations of place-based development and suggesting improved methods leading to growth.

chapter |8 pages


Smart specialisation: expectations, challenges and solutions

part I|84 pages

Entrepreneurial discovery processes and their institutional challenges

part II|84 pages

Collaborative micro-level arrangements creating new knowledge

part III|74 pages

Macro-level impacts from micro-level solutions

part IV|54 pages

Lessons from systems of innovation

chapter 14|16 pages

Historical examples of entrepreneurial discovery

Revisiting the manufacturing history of Raufoss evolving between exploration and exploitation

part V|17 pages

Summary and conclusions

chapter 15|15 pages

Summary and conclusions