The global response from business to social and environmental issues during the past decade has created a corporate responsibility movement. But what has been the impact of this movement? The financial crisis that began in 2007 has led more and more people to question the fundamentals of our economic system. Now, some within the corporate responsibility movement are developing a vision and practice of a new form of capitalism, one that will require collective action to achieve. 

Bendell and Doyle draw on Lifeworth's annual reviews of corporate responsibility and explain how business leaders, stakeholders and related academe now need to experiment with new models that address the fundamental flaws of contemporary capitalism, including monetary systems, enterprise ownership, and regulation. This book will be a fantastic resource for business libraries, as it records and analyses key events, issues and trends in corporate responsibility during the first decade of the 21st century. It is a sequel and companion to Bendell's previous work, The Corporate Responsibility Movement.

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Why do we need to heal capitalism?

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2006: Introduction

chapter |12 pages

1Q2006 January–March

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2Q2006 April—June

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3Q2006 July—September

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4Q2006 October—December

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1Q2007 January—March

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2Q2007 April–June

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3Q2007 July—September

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4Q2007 October—December

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2008: Introduction

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2Q2008 April—June

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4Q2008 October–December

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1Q2009 January—March

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2Q2009 April—June

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3Q2009 July–September

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2010: Introduction

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2Q2010 April—June

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3Q2010 July—September