The World Guide to Sustainable Enterprise is the first comprehensive global compendium that clearly describes the national approaches to sustainable enterprise. Through a systematic review of each country, this quick-to-access reference guide showcases the similarities and differences in each region. Every country profile includes key information about the relevant history, country-specific issues, trends, research, and the leading organizations operating in the field as well as best-practice case studies. The guide comprises four volumes, each dedicated to a specific region of the world.   In a world where organizations are working increasingly across national and regional boundaries and research takes a joined-up and international approach, this book is an essential guide for practitioners and researchers in the disciplines of business sustainability, social enterprise and corporate responsibility. The first of its kind, this reference book provides the reader with a unique insight into what is the current state-of-play in each country.  Each edited volume provides expert contributions from around the world; the contributors have been selected on the basis of their knowledge of the country and their clear experience in sustainable enterprise. Each regional/country profile includes the following subsections: Sustainable Enterprise in context; Priority issues; Trends; Government policies; Case studies; Further resources; and References.  This unique resource will be an essential acquisition for all organizations who need to benchmark their sustainable enterprise strategies throughout different regions and cultures and want the best possible intelligence on the key issues and concerns relating to sustainable business and social responsibility in all of the markets in which they operate. It provides a useful companion reference collection to the World Guide to CSR, also edited by Wayne Visser. The full Four Volume Set of The World Guide to Sustainable Enterprise is available for purchase as a single item at a 25% discounted rate.

part 1|23 pages

Regional profiles

chapter I|10 pages

Northern and Central America

ByLeonardo J. Cárdenas

chapter II|12 pages

South America

ByMariana Galvão Lyra, Melissa Rizzo Battistella

part 2|132 pages

Country profiles

chapter 1|8 pages


ByMaria Eugenia Bellazzi, Maria Irigoyen, Mercedes Occhi

chapter 2|7 pages


ByAlda Marina de Campos Melo, Mariana Galvão Lyra, Marina Fernandes de Oliveira, Melissa Rizzo Battistella

chapter 3|8 pages


ByRandeep Nota

chapter 4|7 pages


ByIsabelle Velásquez, Paul Jackson, Susel Arzuaga Palomino

chapter 5|6 pages


ByAngela Pinilla-Urzola

chapter 6|7 pages

Costa Rica

ByTammi C. Redd, Teresa Hutchins, Davide Giuliano

chapter 7|7 pages


BySusel Arzuaga Palomino, Paul Jackson, Isabelle Velasquez

chapter 8|5 pages


ByVeronica Broomes

chapter 9|6 pages

Dominican Republic

ByMarta Fernández González

chapter 10|8 pages


ByAgustín Darquea

chapter 11|7 pages


ByPablo Blanco

chapter 12|7 pages


ByVeronica Broomes

chapter 13|6 pages


ByHugues Séraphin

chapter 14|7 pages


ByAna Rosa Leal, Ivan Montiel, Bryan W. Husted

chapter 15|7 pages


ByLaura Doering, Mauro Small

chapter 16|6 pages


ByRudi Darson, J. Otto Kroesen

chapter 17|7 pages

Trinidad and Tobago

ByMelanie J. Richards

chapter 18|8 pages

United States of America

ByDeborah Leipziger, Harriet Henry, Laurie Burgess

chapter 19|7 pages


ByTatiana Stotz