The development of alternative forms of energy supply since the mid-1970s has brought with it a range of new issues and concerns, ranging from nuclear waste disposal to land use planning for energy efficiency. This latest volume in the acclaimed Energy Policy Studies series brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers to examine the relationship between energy and planning policy, with emphasis on urban and regional impacts.Like other volumes in the series, the articles included focus on the social, political, and economic dimensions of energy technology, resources, and use. The emphasis on issues of technological scale, resource allocation, environmental impact and quality, and urban and regional studies makes this a unique contribution to the literature.Contents: "Creating Land-Energy Transitions," by Andrew F. Huston, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; "Land Use Planning for Energy Efficiency," by Susan E. Owens, Cambridge University; "Nuclear Waste Landscapes," by Barry Solomon, U.S. Energy Information Administration; "Economic Development, Growth and Land Use Planning in Oil and Gas Producing Regions," by Robert L. Mansell, University of Calgary; "The Land Use Focus of Energy Impacts," by M. J. Pasqualetti, Arizona State University; "Energy Use and Land Use," by Stephen Lonergan, McMaster University; and a concluding essay by J. Barry Cullingworth, University of Delaware.

chapter |10 pages


ByJ. Barry Cullingworth

chapter |41 pages

Land Use and Urbanization: Ecological and Economic Factors

ByLester R. Brown, Jodi L. Jacobson

chapter |46 pages

Land Use Planning for Energy Efficiency

BySusan E. Owens

chapter |38 pages

The Land Use Focus of Energy Impacts

ByM. J. Pasqualetti

chapter |50 pages

Nuclear Waste Landscapes: How Permanent?

ByDiane M. Cameron, Barry D. Solomon

chapter |23 pages

A Sustainable Tomorrow Means Transitions Today

ByAndrew F. Euston