The official publication of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists (NCOBPS), this annual publication includes significant scholarly research reflecting the diverse interests of scholars from various backgrounds who use a variety of models, approaches, and methodologies. The central focus is on politics and policies that advantage or disadvantage groups because of race, ethnicity, sex, or other factors. The research is performed in a variety of contexts and settings.This second volume is dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the NCOBPS, and is commemorated in a special introductory section that includes major feature articles, a special symposium, and a book review section.Lucius J. Barker is Edna F. Gellhorn Professor of Public Affairs and Political Science at Washington University, St. Louis, and author of a number of books and articles on American judicial politics and public law and African-American politics.

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Special Anniversary Section

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Symposium: Big-City Black Mayors: Have They Made a Difference?

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Book Reviews