This consummately well-organized survey brings together the latest and most meaningful writings in behavior therapy with children. Dealing with a variety of childhood behavior problems, it includes theory, evaluation, and application of behavior therapy in terms relevant to the interests of students and professionals in psychology, social work, psychiatry, and education.

Individual sections that focus on psychotic children, anti-social or delinquent behavior, mild behavior problems, and the training of parents and other nontraditional therapists follow a historical perspective on the concept of behavior therapy. Specific behavioral approaches are provided, with evaluation of the techniques involved.

Ranging from the applied clinical level to critical reviews of the field of behavior therapy, this book provides an authoritative and totally up-to-date discussion of the major behavior modification approaches as applied to children. Intended as a textbook in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology, psychiatry, social work, and education, it will be equally valuable to all professional and paraprofessionals working with the young and seeking definitive information on the use of behavior modification techniques in their work.

chapter |25 pages

Animism and Modern Psychotherapy

ByAnthony M. Graziano

part 1|51 pages

From the Laboratory to the Clinic

chapter 1|6 pages

Transition from Animal Laboratory to Clinic

ByC. B. Ferster

chapter 2|7 pages

Arbitrary and Natural Reinforcement

ByC. B. Ferster

chapter 3|12 pages

What Behavioral Engineering Is

ByLloyd Homme, Polo C’de Baca, Lon Cottingham, Angela Homme

chapter 4|8 pages

A Program of Research in Behavioral Electronics

ByRalph Schwitzgebel, Robert Schwitzgebel, Walter N. Pahnke, William Sprech Hurd

chapter 5|14 pages

Behavior Therapy with Children: A Review and Evaluation of Research Methodology

ByDonna M. Gelfand, Donald P. Hartmann

part 2|50 pages

Behavioral Approaches to Mental Retardation

chapter 6|13 pages

Operant Conditioning of Social Behaviors in Severely Retarded Patients

ByRalph O. Blackwood, John E. Horrocks, Tina F. Keele, Marcel Hundziak, Judith H. Rettig

chapter 7|6 pages

Operant Conditioning in Toilet Training of Severely Retarded Boys

ByMarcel Hundziak, Ruth A. Maurer, Luke S. Watson

chapter 8|9 pages

Operant Learning Theory and Nursing Care of the Retarded Child

ByLinda Rae Whitney, Kathryn E. Barnard

chapter 9|8 pages

Teaching of Self-help Skills to Profoundly Retarded Patients

ByM. Ronald Minge, Thomas S. Ball

chapter 10|3 pages

Stair Ascending-Descending Behavior in Trainable Retarded Preschoolers

ByFred G. Esposito

part 3|96 pages

Modification of Psychotic Behavior

chapter 12|21 pages

Behavior Modification and Childhood Psychoses

ByRobert Leff

chapter 13|10 pages

Aversive Control of Self-injurious Behavior in a Psychotic Boy

ByB. G. Tate, George S. George S. BaroffBaroff

chapter 14|7 pages

Acquisition of Imitative Speech by Schizophrenic Children

ByO. Ivar Lovaas, John P. Berberich, Bernard F. Perloff, Benson Schaeffer

chapter 15|12 pages

Teaching Speech to an Autistic Child through Operant Conditioning

ByFrank M. Hewett

chapter 16|11 pages

Behavior Therapy for Stuttering in a Schizophrenic Child

ByRobert M. Browning

chapter 17|14 pages

A Social Learning Therapy Program with an Autistic Child

ByGerald C. Davison

chapter 18|7 pages

Programmed Psychotherapy

ByAnthony M. Graziano

chapter 19|5 pages

Programmed Relaxation and Reciprocal Inhibition with Psychotic Children

ByAnthony M. Graziano, Jeffrey E. Kean

chapter 20|5 pages

Operant Conditioning of Schizophrenic Children

ByPhilip Ney

part 4|65 pages

Modification of Antisocial Behavior

part 5|72 pages

Behavioral Approaches to School and Mild Conduct Problems

chapter 27|6 pages

A Nontalking Child in Kindergarten

ByDavid W. Brison

chapter 28|9 pages

Classical and Operant Factors in the Treatment of a School Phobia

ByArnold A. Lazarus, Gerald C. Davison, David A. Polefka

chapter 29|8 pages

A Comparison of Conditioning and Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Functional Enuresis

ByGeorge DeLeon, Wallace Mandell

chapter 30|22 pages

Behavior Modification for a Child with Multiple Problem Behaviors

ByG. R. Patterson, G. Brodsky

chapter 31|12 pages

A Behavior Modification Technique for the Hyperactive Child

ByG. R. Patterson, R. Jones, J. Whittier, M. A. Wright

chapter 32|9 pages

Effects of Social Reinforcement on Operant Crying

ByBetty M. Hart, K. Eileen Allen, Joan S. Buell, Florence R. Harris, Montrose M. Wolf

part 6|56 pages

Some Implications of Behavior Modification Concepts: The New Therapists

chapter 34|9 pages

The Major Concepts Taught to Behavior Therapy Trainees

ByLeonard P. Ullmann

chapter 35|6 pages

Training Behavior Therapists

ByErnest G. Poser

chapter 36|6 pages

Teaching Behavioral Principles to Parents of Disturbed Children

ByLeopold O. Walder, Shlomo I. Cohen, Dennis E. Breiter, Paul G. Daston, Irwin S. Hirsch, J. Michael Leibowitz

chapter 37|16 pages

Mothers as Behavior Therapists for their own Children

ByRobert G. Wahler, Gary H. Winkel, Robert F. Peterson, Delmont C. Morrison

chapter 38|8 pages

Eliminating a Child’s Scratching by Training the Mother in Reinforcement Procedures

ByK. Eileen Allen, Florence R. Harris

chapter 39|7 pages

Behavior Therapy Treatment Approach to a Psychogenic Seizure Case

ByJames E. Gardner