This consummately well-organized survey brings together the latest and most meaningful writings in behavior therapy with children. Dealing with a variety of childhood behavior problems, it includes theory, evaluation, and application of behavior therapy in terms relevant to the interests of students and professionals in psychology, social work, psychiatry, and education.

Individual sections that focus on psychotic children, anti-social or delinquent behavior, mild behavior problems, and the training of parents and other nontraditional therapists follow a historical perspective on the concept of behavior therapy. Specific behavioral approaches are provided, with evaluation of the techniques involved.

Ranging from the applied clinical level to critical reviews of the field of behavior therapy, this book provides an authoritative and totally up-to-date discussion of the major behavior modification approaches as applied to children. Intended as a textbook in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology, psychiatry, social work, and education, it will be equally valuable to all professional and paraprofessionals working with the young and seeking definitive information on the use of behavior modification techniques in their work.

part 2|50 pages

Behavioral Approaches to Mental Retardation

part 3|96 pages

Modification of Psychotic Behavior

chapter 18|7 pages

Programmed Psychotherapy

part 4|65 pages

Modification of Antisocial Behavior

part 5|72 pages

Behavioral Approaches to School and Mild Conduct Problems

part 6|56 pages

Some Implications of Behavior Modification Concepts: The New Therapists

chapter 35|6 pages

Training Behavior Therapists