On Second Language Writing brings together internationally recognized scholars in a collection of original articles that, collectively, delineate and explore central issues with regard to theory, research, instruction, assessment, politics, articulation with other disciplines, and standards. In recent years, there has been a dramatic growth of interest in second-language writing and writing instruction in many parts of the world. Although an increasing number of researchers and teachers in both second-language studies and composition studies have come to identify themselves as specialists in second-language writing, research and teaching practices have been dispersed into several different disciplinary and institutional contexts because of the interdisciplinary nature of the field. This volume is the first to bring together prominent second-language writing specialists to systematically address basic issues in the field and to consider the state of the art at the end of the century (and the millennium).

chapter |16 pages

The Composition of a Life in Composition

ByBarbara Kroll

chapter |12 pages

Hearing Voices

L2 Students' Experiences in L2 Writing Courses
ByIlona Leki

chapter |10 pages

On the Question of Power and Control

ByPat Currie

chapter |19 pages

Notes toward a Theory of Second Language Writing

ByWilliam Grabe

chapter |13 pages

Does Second Language Writing Theory have Gender?

ByDiane Belcher

chapter |17 pages

For Kyla

What Does the Research Say about Responding to ESL Writers
ByLynn Goldstein

chapter |25 pages

Research Methodology in Second Language Writing Research

The Case of Text-Based Studies
ByCharlene Polio

chapter |11 pages

Fourth Generation Writing Assessment

ByLiz Hamp-Lyons

chapter |18 pages

Advanced EAP Writing and Curriculum Design

What do we Need to Know?
ByJoy Reid

chapter |12 pages

Critical Pragmatism

A Politics of L2 Composition
BySarah Benesch

chapter |18 pages

The Place of Politics in Second Language Writing

ByTerry Santos

chapter |8 pages

Dangerous Liaisons

Problems of Representation and Articulation
ByCarol Severino