Relational maintenance provides a rallying point for those seeking to discover the behaviors that individuals utilize to sustain their personal relationships. Theoretical models, research programs, and specific studies have examined how people in a variety of close relationships choose to define and maintain those relationships. In addition, relational maintenance turns our attention to communicative processes that help people sustain their close relationships.

In this collection, editors Daniel J. Canary and Marianne Dainton focus on the communicative processes critical to the maintenance and enhancement of personal relationships. The volume considers variations in maintaining different types of personal relationships; structural constraints on relationship maintenance; and cultural variations in relational maintenance. Contributions to the volume cover a broad range of relational types, including romantic relationships, family relationships, long-distance relationships, workplace relationships, and Gay and Lesbian relationships, among others.

Maintaining Relationships Through Communication: Relational, Contextual, and Cultural Variations synthesizes current research in relationship maintenance, emphasizes the ways that behaviors vary in their maintenance functions across relational contexts, discusses alternative explanations for maintaining relationships, and presents avenues for future research. As such, it is intended for students and scholars studying interpersonal communication and personal relationships.

chapter 1|28 pages

Definitions and Perspectives on Relational Maintenance Communication

ByKathryn Dindia

part I|96 pages

Maintaining Different Types of Relationships

chapter 2|20 pages

Maintaining Family Relationships

BySally Vogl-Bauer

chapter 4|24 pages

Maintaining Friendships Throughout the Lifespan

ByMarianne Dainton, Elaine Zelley, Emily Langan

chapter 5|22 pages

Maintaining Undesired Relationships

ByJon A. Hess

part II|82 pages

Contextual Variations in Maintaining Relationships

chapter 6|14 pages

Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships

ByBrooks A. Aylor

chapter 7|22 pages

Computer-Mediated Communication Effects on Relationship Formation and Maintenance

ByMichael K. Rabby, Joseph B. Walther

chapter 8|22 pages

Relationship Maintenance in Organizational Settings

ByVincent R. Waldron

chapter 9|22 pages

When Partners Falter: Repair After a Transgression

ByTara M. Emmers-Sommer

part III|90 pages

Cultural Variations in Maintaining Relationships

chapter 10|22 pages

Relationship Maintenance in Same-Sex Couples

ByStephen M. Haas

chapter 11|24 pages

Relationship Maintenance in Intercultural Couples: An Interdependence Analysis

ByStanley O. Gaines, Jr., Christopher R. Agnew

chapter 12|22 pages

Maintaining Marriages in Russia: Managing Societal Influences and Communication Dynamics

ByDeborah S. Ballard-Reisch, Marat Zaguidoulline, Daniel J. Weigel

part IV|25 pages