Media Economics: Theory and Practice focuses on the basic principles of economics in the business sector and applies them to contemporary media industries. This text examines the process of media economics decision making through an exploration of key topics, such as industrial restructuring, regulatory constraints upon media operations, and changing economic value, providing key insights into media business activities. With the structure and value of media industries changing rapidly and sometimes dramatically, this text moves beyond a basic documentation of historical patterns to help readers understand the mechanics of change, offering insight into the processes reproducing contemporary trends in media economics.

Thoroughly updated in this third edition, Media Economics focuses on the primary concerns of media economics, the techniques of economic and business analysis, and the overall characteristics of the media environment; and explores contemporary business practices within specific media industries, including newspaper, magazine, television, cable, movie, radio advertising, music, and online industries. New for this edition are chapters on the advertising, book publishing, and magazine publishing industries. Chapters contributed by expert scholars and researchers provide substantial discussions of the crucial topics and issues in the media industry sectors, and emphasize both domestic and international businesses.

Offering a thorough examination of the economic factors and forces concerning the media industries, Media Economics is appropriate for use as a course text for advanced media management and economics students. It also serves as an indispensable reference for scholars and researchers in media business arenas.

part I|2 pages

Economic Value and Structure

chapter 2|20 pages

Economics and Media Regulation

ByRobert Corn-Revere, Rod Carveth

chapter 4|22 pages

The Economics of International Media

ByC. Ann Hollifield

part II|2 pages

Industries and Practices

chapter 5|18 pages

The Economics of the Daily Newspaper Industry

ByRobert G. Picard

chapter 6|22 pages

The Economics of Books and Magazines

ByAlbert N. Greco

chapter 7|24 pages

The Broadcast Television Networks

ByDouglas A. Ferguson

chapter 8|20 pages

The Economics of the Cable Industry

ByBenjamin J. Bates, Todd Chambers

chapter 9|14 pages

The Economics of Hollywood: Money and Media

ByDouglas Gomery

chapter 10|14 pages

The Economics of the Contemporary Radio Industry

ByAlan B. Albarran

chapter 11|28 pages

The Economics of the Recording Industry

ByEric W. Rothenbuhler, Tom McCourt

chapter 12|16 pages

The Economics of the Advertising Industry

ByMary Alice Shaver

chapter 13|18 pages

The Economics of Online Media

ByRod Carveth