Emotional, as well as physical distress, is a heritage from our hominid ancestors; it has been experienced by every group of human beings since our emergence as a species. And every known culture has developed systems of conceptualization and intervention for addressing it.

The editors have brought together leading psychologists, psychiatrists, anthropologists, and others to consider the interaction of psychosocial, biological, and cultural variables as they influence the assessment of health and illness and the course of therapy. The volume includes broadly conceived theoretical and survey chapters; detailed descriptions of specific healing traditions in Asia, the Americas, Africa, and the Arab world.

The Handbook of Culture, Therapy, and Healing is a unique resource, containing information about Western therapies practiced in non-Western cultures, non-Western therapies practiced both in their own context and in the West.

chapter 1|11 pages

Approaches to Culture, Healing, and Psychotherapy

ByJuris G. Draguns, Uwe P. Gielen, Jefferson M. Fish

part 1|87 pages

Culture, Therapy, and Healing: Basic Issues

part 2|32 pages

Therapeutic Services and Multiculturalism in North America

chapter 6|18 pages

The Role of Culture in the Treatment of Culturally Diverse Populations

ByJoseph F. Aponte

chapter 7|12 pages

Culturally Oriented Psychotherapy with Refugees

ByFrederic P. Bemak, Rita Chi-Ying Chung

part 3|56 pages

Traditional Healing in the Americas

chapter 8|15 pages

The Role of Dance in a Navajo Healing Ceremonial

BySandra T. Francis

chapter 9|9 pages

The Therapeutic Aspects of Salish Spirit Dance Ceremonials

ByWolfgang G. Jilek

chapter 11|14 pages

Women as Healers: A “Gendered” Exploration in Puerto Rico and Elsewhere

ByJoan D. Koss-Chioino

part 4|120 pages

Asian Approaches to Therapy and Healing

chapter 12|22 pages

Indigenous Chinese Healing: Theories and Methods

ByTing Lei, Ching-Tse Lee, Cecilia Askeroth

chapter 13|39 pages

Indigenous Chinese Healing: A Criteria-based Meta-analysis of Outcomes Research

ByTing Lei, Ching-Tse Lee, Cecilia Askeroth, Dimitry Burshteyn, Andrea Einhorn

chapter 14|24 pages

Psychoanalysis and Buddhism

ByJeffrey B. Rubin

chapter 15|15 pages

Japanese Forms of Psychotherapy: Naikan Therapy and Morita Therapy

ByJunko Tanaka-Matsumi

chapter 16|16 pages

Indian Conceptions of Mental Health, Healing, and the Individual

ByRashmi Jaipal

part 5|57 pages

Psychotherapy and Healing in Africa and the Arab World

chapter 19|23 pages

Native Healing in Arab-Islamic Societies

ByIhsan Al-Issa, Abdulla Al-Subaie