Ibuprofen is widely used throughout the world for a variety of conditions. This reference work provides a comprehensive and critical review of the basic science and clinical aspects of the drug. The book begins with the history and development of the drug and its current patterns of use world- wide before moving on to examine its basic pharmaceutic

chapter 1|24 pages

History and Development of Ibuprofen

Edited ByK D Rainsford

chapter 2|27 pages

The Medicinal Chemistry of Ibuprofen

ByKenneth J Nichol

chapter 3|34 pages

The Pharmaceutics of Ibuprofen

ByF Higton

chapter 4|56 pages

The Pharmacokinetics of Ibuprofen in Humans and Animals

ByDion R Brocks, Fakhreddin Jamali

chapter 5|133 pages

Pharmacology and Toxicology of Ibuprofen

ByK D Rainsford

chapter 6|77 pages

Therapeutics of Ibuprofen in Rheumatic and Other Chronic and Painful Diseases

ByW F Kean, W W Buchanan, K D Rainsford

chapter 7|51 pages

Safety and Efficacy of Non-prescription (OTC) Ibuprofen

ByK D Rainsford

chapter 8|24 pages

Use of Ibuprofen in Dentistry

ByRaymond A Dionne, Stephen A Cooper

chapter 9|28 pages

Gastrointestinal Adverse Drug Reactions Attributed to Ibuprofen

ByDavid Henry, Anna Drew, Scott Beuzeville

chapter 10|37 pages

Renal Effects of Ibuprofen

ByM D Murray, D Craig Brater

chapter 12|21 pages

Human Toxicity of Ibuprofen

ByGlyn Volans, Rita Fitzpatrick