Dignity in the care of patients and clients of all ages, whether in hospital or community settings, is an area of increasing national and international importance and concern. However, a comprehensive, accessible resource for nurses and midwives on the theory and practice of dignity in care has until now been lacking. Dignity in Healthcare provides a practical approach, underpinned by up-to-date theory, to this crucial issue for those providing care to people in all stages of life, including those with mental illnesses or learning disabilities. Care in areas such as maternity, community, palliative and acute care and others is explored in depth. Approaches to education and practice development for promoting dignity in care are also outlined clearly and accessibly, with each chapter combining an evidence-based theoretical underpinning with practical application through scenarios. Pre-registration nursing and midwifery students and their teachers will find this book essential reading, but it will also be of interest to practising nurses, midwives and other health professionals seeking clear insights into the principle of care that is central to all healthcare professions.

section Section 1|78 pages

Dignity in healthcare: setting the scene

chapter Chapter 1|6 pages

The importance of dignity in healthcare

ByMilika Ruth Matiti

chapter Chapter 2|15 pages

The concept of dignity

ByMilika Ruth Matiti, Lesley Baillie

chapter Chapter 3|13 pages

Professional and ethical expectations for dignity in care

ByPaul Wainwright

chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

Dignity as a policy issue in healthcare

ByAlistair Hewison

chapter Chapter 5|10 pages

Care environments that support dignity in care

ByAnn Gallagher

chapter Chapter 6|17 pages

Staff behaviour and attitudes that promote dignity in care

ByLesley Baillie

section Section 2|120 pages

Dignity in different healthcare settings

chapter Chapter 7|14 pages

Dignity for children

ByPaula Reed

chapter Chapter 8|14 pages

Dignity in maternity care

ByBarbara Burden

chapter Chapter 9|17 pages

Dignity and older people

ByWilfred McSherry, Helen Coleman

chapter Chapter 10|16 pages

Dignity at the end of life

ByDavina Porock

chapter Chapter 11|14 pages

Community Care and Dignity

ByCandice Pellett

chapter Chapter 12|15 pages

Dignity in acute and critical care

ByLesley Baillie

chapter Chapter 13|15 pages

Dignity in mental health: listening to the flying saint

ByGemma Stacey, Theodore Stickley

chapter Chapter 14|13 pages

Dignity and people with learning disabilities

ByBob Hallawell

section Section 3|55 pages

Developing dignity in healthcare

chapter Chapter 15|19 pages

Education to promote dignity in healthcare

ByLiz Cotrel-Gibbons, Milika Ruth Matiti

chapter Chapter 16|19 pages

Enabling dignity in care through practice development

ByKate Sanders, Jonathan Webster

chapter Chapter 17|15 pages

Dignity in care: the way forward

ByLesley Baillie, Milika Ruth Matiti