This book explores, for the first time in an edited collection, the intersection of three key  research areas - women, madness and the law - and advances the debates on how law and the 'psy' sciences play a critical role in regulating and controlling women's lives.

chapter |18 pages


ByRobert Menzies, Dorothy E Chunn, Wendy Chan

chapter 4|22 pages

Charlotte’s Web: Historical Regulation of ‘Insane’ Women Murderers

ByRobert Menzies, Dorothy E Chunn

chapter 5|14 pages

Women’s Misery: Continuing Pigeonholes into the 21st Century

ByHannah Lerman

chapter 6|12 pages

Sex Bias in Psychiatric Diagnosis and the Courts

ByPaula J Caplan

chapter 7|20 pages

Homelessness, Mental Disorder, and Penal Intervention: Women Referred to a Mobile Crisis Intervention Team

ByDaphné Morin, Shirley Roy, Marielle Rozier, Pierre Landreville

chapter 8|22 pages

Gender, Murder and Madness

ByWendy Chan

chapter 12|18 pages

The Treatment of Women Patients in Secure Hospitals

ByAnn Lloyd