As the number of prisoners in the UK, USA and elsewhere continues to rise, so have concerns risen about the damaging short term and long term effects this has on prisoners. This book brings together a group of leading authorities in this field, both academics and practitioners, to address the complex issues this has raised, to assess the implications and results of research in this field, and to suggest ways of mitigating the often devastating personal and psychological consequences of imprisonment.

chapter Chapter 1|29 pages


The effects of imprisonment revisited 1

part 1|143 pages

The Harms of Imprisonment

chapter Chapter 2|33 pages

Release and adjustment

Perspectives from studies of wrongly convicted and politically motivated prisoners

chapter Chapter 4|24 pages

Harm and the contemporary prison

chapter Chapter 5|28 pages

The effects of supermax custody

chapter Chapter 6|28 pages

The politics of confinement

Women's imprisonment in California and the UK

part II|165 pages

Revisiting the Society of Captives

chapter Chapter 7|32 pages

Codes and conventions

The terms and conditions of contemporary inmate values

chapter Chapter 8|23 pages

Revisiting prison suicide

The role of fairness and distress

chapter Chapter 9|23 pages

Crossing the boundary

The transition of young adults into prison

chapter Chapter 10|30 pages

Brave new prisons

The growing social isolation of modern penal institutions

chapter Chapter 11|21 pages

‘Soldiers', ‘sausages' and ‘deep sea diving’

Language, culture and coping in Israeli prisons

chapter Chapter 12|34 pages

Forms of violence and regimes in prison

Report of research in Belgian prisons

part III|48 pages

Coping Among Ageing Prisoners

chapter Chapter 13|23 pages

Older men in prison

Survival, coping and identity

chapter Chapter 14|23 pages

Loss, liminality and the life sentence

Managing identity through a disrupted lifecourse

part IV|74 pages

Expanding the Prison Effects Debate Beyond the Prisoner

chapter Chapter 15|30 pages

The effects of prison work 1

chapter Chapter 16|21 pages

Imprisonment and the penal body politic

The cancer of disciplinary governance

part V|10 pages


chapter Chapter 18|9 pages

Reinventing prisons