February 2009 marked the 10th Anniversary of the publication of the Inquiry into the events surrounding the investigation of the murder of Stephen Lawrence. This book marks this anniversary and examines various dimensions of the impact of Lawrence on policing policy and practice.

It identifies a series of dimensions and processes associated with British policing in terms of the role that the Lawrence agenda has had on forming and/or shaping policy and practice in that particular area, and in doing so assesses the extent to which the original recommendations and issues raised within the Lawrence Inquiry have been reflected in policy, practice and, importantly policing outcomes in service delivery.

The book integrates practitioner and academic reflection on the impact of Lawrence and includes contributions from some of the key policing figures who were involved in post-Lawrence implementation and development programmes. As such the book will be of interest to both an academic police studies/criminology audience and police-practitioner audiences.

chapter |21 pages

Introduction: the legacies of Lawrence

ByNathan Hall, John Grieve, Stephen P. Savage

part |1 pages

Part One: Lawrence in Context

chapter 1|16 pages

Stephen Lawrence as a miscarriage of justice

ByStephen P. Savage, John Grieve, Sam Poyser

chapter 3|32 pages

Police engagement with communities post-Lawrence

ByJeff Brathwaite

part |1 pages

Part Two: Lawrence and Operational Policing

part |1 pages

Part Three: Lawrence – Widening the Agenda

chapter 9|21 pages

Police training and the impact of Lawrence

ByPhil Clements, John Jones