Many countries have a rich tradition of domestic travel and holidaying which not only predates but exceeds mass international travel. This is particularly the case in Asia where recent economic prosperity and trends in globalization have not merely spurred, but continue to shape traditions in domestic tourism. This book is the first to address specifically the continuities and changes in domestic tourism in Asia. It explores the ethos of domestic travel and holiday-making in order to understand the distinctive common strands that underlie conventional and contemporary tourism practices, against the local and global backdrop. A considerable range of countries is covered in the case studies, including those with patrimonial histories, namely China and India, the economically developed nation-state of Japan and the microstates of Taiwan, Singapore, Macao and Hong Kong, besides the coastal countries of Malaysia, Philippines, Laos and Vietnam, as well as the land-locked countries of Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia. The book presents some of the many interfaces of Asian cultural and natural heritages with tourism, while giving due considerations to today's political and economic realities.

chapter 1|30 pages

Domestic Tourism: Searching for an Asianic Perspective

ByShalini Singh

chapter 6|22 pages

‘Domestic’ Tourism and Its Discontents: Han Tourists in China’s ‘Little Tibet’

By‘Little Tibet’ Christopher Vasantkumar

chapter 7|30 pages

Year Zero! From Annihilation to Renaissance: Domestic Tourism in Cambodia

ByTrevor H. B. Sofield

chapter 9|22 pages

Indigenous People and Domestic Visitors of Taiwan

ByGeoffrey Wall, Janet Chang

chapter 10|16 pages

No, We Are Not ‘Eco-Tourists’: Hill-Walking and Eco-Tourism in Hong Kong

ByHong Kong Chan Yuk Wah and Fung Yip Hing

chapter 11|18 pages

Crafting Filipino Leisure: Tourism Programmes in the Philippines

ByMaria Cherry Lyn S. Rodolfo

chapter 12|14 pages

Awaiting Attention: Profiling the Domestic Tourism Sector in Sri Lanka

BySri Lanka Ranjith Ihalanayake

chapter 13|16 pages

Film-Induced Domestic Tourism in Singapore: The Case of Krrish

ByAudrey Yue

chapter 15|14 pages

Holiday-Making and the Leisure Space of the Macao People

ByLouis Tze Ngai Vong, Cindia Ching-Chi Lam

chapter 16|10 pages

Epilogue: Domestic Tourism in Asia – Contexts and Directions

ByJohn K. Walton