The combined challenges of health, comfort, climate change and energy security cross the boundaries of traditional building disciplines. This authoritative collection, focusing mostly on energy and ventilation, provides the current and next generation of building engineering professionals with what they need to work closely with many disciplines to meet these challenges. A Handbook of Sustainable Building Engineering covers: how to design, engineer and monitor a building in a manner that minimises the emissions of greenhouse gases; how to adapt the environment, fabric and services of existing and new buildings to climate change; how to improve the environment in and around buildings to provide better health, comfort, security and productivity; and provides crucial expertise on monitoring the performance of buildings once they are occupied. The authors explain the principles behind built environment engineering, and offer practical guidance through international case studies.

part |2 pages

Part I: Introduction to Complex Built Environment Systems

chapter |4 pages

Introduction: Setting the Scene

ByDejan Mumovic, Mat Santamouris

chapter 1|12 pages

Building Sustainable Communities: Combining Social and Physical Perspectives

ByGemma Moore, Irene Perdikogianni, Alan Penn, Mags Adams

part |2 pages

Part II: Energy and Buildings

chapter |2 pages

Introduction: Towards Zero Carbon Buildings

ByDejan Mumovic, Mat Santamouris

chapter 2|12 pages

Energy Efficiency and Thermal Envelope

ByJurij Krope and Darko Goric∨

chapter 3|16 pages

Energy Monitoring and Labelling

ByStefano Paolo Corgnati, Vincenzo Corrado

chapter 4|12 pages

Energy Modelling

ByPieter de Wilde and Godfried Augenbroe

chapter 5|12 pages

Carbon Reduction in Buildings

ByIan Ward

chapter 6|14 pages

Renewable Energy Sources and the City

ByMark Barrett

chapter 7|10 pages

Heat Pumps in City Centre Buildings

ByDjordje Kozic and Darko Goric∨

chapter 8|16 pages

Life Cycle Assessment of Buildings

ByChristina Diakaki, Denia Kolokotsa

chapter 9|16 pages

CASE STUDY Energy and Environmental Monitoring

ByAlex Summerfield, Hector Altamirano-Medina, Dejan Mumovic

chapter 10|8 pages

Energy Modelling

ByDavid Johnston

part |2 pages

Part III: Buildings and Environment

chapter |2 pages

Introduction: Emerging Design Challengesof the 21st Century

ByDejan Mumovic, Mat Santamouris

chapter 12|10 pages

Urban Climate: Impacts on Energy Use, Comfort and Health

ByMichael Davies, Philip Steadman, Tadj Oreszczyn

chapter 13|14 pages

Air Pollution and the Urban Built Environment

ByDejan Mumovic, James Milner

chapter 14|16 pages

Ventilation, Thermal Comfort, Health and Productivity

ByPawel Wargocki

chapter 15|14 pages

Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Modelling

ByIan Ridley

chapter 16|14 pages

Moisture Control in Buildings

ByHugo L. S. C. Hens

chapter 17|20 pages

Natural Ventilation in City Centre Buildings

ByDejan Mumovic, Oliver Wilton, Sung Min Hong

chapter 18|18 pages

Mechanical and Mixed-mode Ventilation in City Centre Buildings

ByJarek Kurnitski, Olli Seppänen

chapter 19|8 pages

Climate Change and Building Design

BySteve Sharples, Susan Lee

chapter 20|26 pages

Sustainable Cooling Strategies

ByThomas Lakkas, Dejan Mumovic

chapter 21|16 pages

CASE STUDY Indoor Air Quality in City Centre Buildings

ByKaterina Niachou, Mat Santamouris, Iro Livada

chapter 22|12 pages

CASE STUDY Indoor Air Quality and Health

ByMarcella Ucci, David Crowther, Steve Pretlove, Phillip Biddulph, Tadj Oreszczyn

chapter 23|20 pages

Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Modelling

ByZarko Stevanovic, Dejan Mumovic, Miroslava Kavgic

part |2 pages

Part IV: Operational Performance of Buildings

chapter |2 pages

Introduction: the Post-occupancy Evaluation

ByDejan Mumovic, Mat Santamouris

chapter 24|10 pages

Post-occupancy Evaluation of Buildings

ByJohn Palmer

chapter 25|12 pages

Occupant Behaviour and Energy Use

ByAlex Summerfield, Tadj Oreszczyn, Ayub Pathan, Sung Hong

chapter 26|14 pages

CASE STUDY Natural Ventilation of Auditoria: Three Case Studies

ByMalcolm Cook, Alan Short

chapter 27|16 pages

CASE STUDY A Naturally Ventilated Building in a City Centre

ByBirgit Painter, Malcolm Cook