The integration of development and climate objectives is increasingly recognized as significant in research and policy making. In practice, some development aims, such as poverty alleviation, enhancing energy security and access or improving health, also have potential climate benefits. The challenge is to find a broadly applicable range of effective policies and actions that realize development objectives and at the same time result in real climate benefits. This special issue of the Climate Policy journal focuses on new evidence that identifies options for action, examining how development strategies, policies and decisions can be made more sustainable by integrating climate change considerations and overcoming the barriers that hinder implementation. It also explores what lessons exist for policy at the national and international level and looks at how promising options for local policies can be scaled-up through international initiatives. It also examines how international policy frameworks can create the conditions for integrated development and climate policies. The outcomes provide useful contributions to sustainable development planning on issues such as poverty reduction, rural development, disaster preparedness, energy and transport as well as to the discussions at national and international level regarding next steps to deal with climate change.

chapter 1|4 pages

Integrating development and climate policies

ByBert Metz, Marcel Kok

chapter 2|16 pages

Integrating development and climate policies: national and international benefits

ByMarcel Kok, Bert Metz, Jan Verhagen, Sascha Van Rooijen

chapter 3|16 pages

Methods for quantifying the benefits of sustainable development policies and measures (SD-PAMs)

ByHarald Winkler, Niklas Höhne, Michel Den Elzen

chapter 6|13 pages

Adaptation and the poor; development, resilience and transition

ByAnne Jerneck, Lennart Olsson

chapter 7|11 pages

Adapting development cooperation to adapt to climate change1

ByShardul Agrawala, Maarten Van Aalst

chapter 8|8 pages

Climate adaptation from a poverty perspective

ByGeoff O’Brien, Phil O’Keefe, Hubert Meena, Joanne Rose, Leanne Wilson

chapter 9|18 pages

Sustainable development and climate change: lessons from country studies

ByKirsten HalsnӔs, P.R. Shukla, Amit Garg

chapter 10|21 pages

Brazilian transport initiatives with GHG reductions as a co-benefit

BySuzana Kahn Ribeiro, Adrianna Andrade De Abreu