'Informative and useful.' Development and Change Until recently, most civil society organizations (CSOs) operated at national or local levels. However, new global organizations and networks are increasingly emerging. This book examines what CSOs can achieve, and the barriers they face, when they break national boundaries and sectoral moulds and work with others in global networks. A series of case studies of CSO initiatives reveal how transnational action can yield impressive results in changing policies and public attitudes. The diverse range of CSOs studied includes consumer groups, trade unions, the anti-globalization protest movement, the World Social Forum, Jubilee 2000 and others. All reveal a remarkably similar array of practical challenges, from structure and leadership issues to governance dilemmas. The book offers practical guidance to those engaged with CSOs and contributes to academic enquiry about civil society.

chapter 1|28 pages


Civil Society and Transnational Action
ByJohn Clark

chapter 2|16 pages

Consumers Unite Internationally

ByTasneem Mowjee

chapter 3|21 pages

Trade Unions in a Changing World

Challenges and Opportunities of Transnationalization
ByDiego Muro, Nuno Themudo

chapter 4|20 pages

Campaign to Increase Access to HIV/AIDS Drugs

ByTasneem Mowjee

chapter 5|23 pages

Jubilee 2000

Laying the Foundations for a Social Movement
ByPaola Grenier

chapter 6|18 pages

The Age of Protest

Internet-Based ‘Dot Causes' and the ‘Anti-Globalization’ Movement
ByJohn Clark, Nuno Themudo

chapter 7|23 pages

World Social Forum

Making Another World Possible?
ByGünther Schönleitner

chapter 8|14 pages

Campaign for a ‘Robin Hood Tax' for Foreign Exchange Markets

ByDiego Muro

chapter 9|12 pages


Globalizing Civic Engagement
ByJohn Clark