Environmental activists and academics alike are realizing that a sustainable society must be a just one. Environmental degradation is almost always linked to questions of human equality and quality of life. Throughout the world, those segments of the population that have the least political power and are the most marginalized are selectively victimized by environmental crises. This book argues that social and environmental justice within and between nations should be an integral part of the policies and agreements that promote sustainable development. The book addresses the links between environmental quality and human equality and between sustainability and environmental justice.

chapter |16 pages

Introduction: Joined-up Thinking: Bringing Together Sustainability, Environmental Justice and Equity

ByJulian Agyeman, Robert D Bullard, Bob Evans

part |3 pages

Part 4: Selected Regional Perspectives on Sustainability and Environmental Justice

chapter 10|28 pages

Mining Conflicts, Environmental Justice and Valuation

ByJoan Martinez-Alier

chapter 11|23 pages

Women and Environmental Justice in South Asia

ByAnoja Wickramasinghe