Human well-being relies critically on ecosystem services provided by nature. Examples include water and air quality regulation, nutrient cycling and decomposition, plant pollination and flood control, all of which are dependent on biodiversity. They are predominantly public goods with limited or no markets and do not command any price in the conventional economic system, so their loss is often not detected and continues unaddressed and unabated. This in turn not only impacts human well-being, but also seriously undermines the sustainability of the economic system. It is against this background that TEEB: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity project was set up in 2007 and led by the United Nations Environment Programme to provide a comprehensive global assessment of economic aspects of these issues. This book, written by a team of international experts, represents the scientific state of the art, providing a comprehensive assessment of the fundamental ecological and economic principles of measuring and valuing ecosystem services and biodiversity, and showing how these can be mainstreamed into public policies. This volume and subsequent TEEB outputs will provide the authoritative knowledge and guidance to drive forward the biodiversity conservation agenda for the next decade.

part |7 pages


chapter 1|32 pages

Integrating the Ecological and Economic Dimensions in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Valuation

ByRudolf de Groot, Brendan Fisher, Mike Christie, James Aronson, Leon Braat, John Gowdy, Roy Haines-Young, Edward Maltby, Aude Neuville, Stephen Polasky, Rosimeiry Portela, Irene Ring, James Blignaut, Eduardo S. Brondízio, Robert Costanza, Kurt Jax, Gopal K. Kadekodi, Peter H. May, Jeffrey A. McNeely, Stanislav Shmelev, Gopal K. Kadekodi

chapter 2|71 pages

Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services

ByThomas Elmqvist, Edward Maltby, Tom Barker, Martin Mortimer, Charles Perrings, James Aronson, Rudolf de Groot, Alistair Fitter, Georgina Mace, Jon Norberg, Isabel Sousa Pinto, Irene Ring, Volker Grimm, Kurt Jax, Rik Leemans, Jean-Michel Salles

chapter 3|35 pages

Measuring Biophysical Quantities and the Use of Indicators

ByBelinda Reyers, Giovanni Bidoglio, Patrick O’Farrell, Frederik Schutyser, Uppeandra Dhar, Haripriya Gundimeda, Maria Luisa Paracchini, Oscar Gomez Prieto, Klaus Henle, Jeffrey A. McNeely, Georgina M. Mace, Simon Stuart, Matt Walpole, Allan D. Watt, Allan D. Watt

chapter 4|33 pages

The Socio-cultural Context of Ecosystem and Biodiversity Valuation

ByEduardo S. Brondízio, Franz Gatzweiler, Christos Zografos, Manasi Kumar, Gopal K. Kadekodi, Jeffrey A. McNeely, Jianchu Xu, Joan Martinez-Alier

chapter 5|74 pages

The Economics of Valuing Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity

ByUnai Pascual, Roldan Muradian, Luke Brander, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Berta Martín-López, Madhu Verma, Paul Armsworth, Michael Christie, Hans Cornelissen, Florian Eppink, Joshua Farley, John Loomis, Leonie Pearson, Charles Perrings, Stephen Polasky, Jeffrey A. McNeely, Richard Norgaard, Rehana Siddiqui, R. David Simpson, R. Kerry Turner, R. David Simpson

chapter 6|27 pages

Discounting, Ethics and Options for Maintaining Biodiversity and Ecosystem Integrity

ByJohn Gowdy, Richard B. Howarth, Clem Tisdell, Paulus Arnoldus, Bernd Hansjürgens, Cameron Hepburn, Jeffrey A. McNeely, Karl-Göran Mäler

chapter 7|22 pages

Lessons Learned and Linkages with National Policies

ByPushpam Kumar, Eduardo S. Brondízio, Thomas Elmqvist, Franz Gatzweiler, John Gowdy, Rudolf de Groot, Roldan Muradian, Unai Pascual, Belinda Reyers, Rodney B. W. Smith, Pavan Sukhdev