Natural resources often stretch across borders that separate modern nation states. This can create conflict and limit opportunities for regulated consumption of their goods and services, but also provide opportunities for joint multinational efforts that exceed single country capabilities.

This book illustrates the diversity of transborder natural resources, the pressures that they experience or the opportunities that exist for multinational regulatory regimes, monitoring and enforcement. It presents ten case studies of transborder natural resources that are of interest to two or more neighboring countries, and that are subject to, or in need of bilateral or multinational coordinated management. The case studies include the exploitation of specific marine resources in international waters, rivers that travel through several countries and contiguous tropical forests across national borders, and where commodities, nature conservation or even territorial integrity are at stake. They are drawn from across the globe, including flood management in Western Europe, tropical forests in the Western Amazon, hydropower development in the Mekong region of South-east Asia, forest conservation in Central Africa and marine resource and fisheries exploitation in the waters of Japan, South-east Asia and Australia. Together the chapters provide a review of a wide range of transborder natural resource examples, and the diverse regulatory regimes that need to be devised to achieve successful management. An introductory chapter provides a conceptual and theoretical underpinning that can guide future research efforts on similar cases and a concluding chapter draws major conclusions and implications for related concepts and theories.

chapter 1|14 pages

Transnational Natural Resource Governance in Border Regions

ByWil de Jong and Kristen Evans

chapter 2|16 pages

Social, Spatial and Sectoral Boundaries in Transborder Conservation of Central African Forests

ByRebecca Hardin, Marine Robillard, Serge Bahuchet

chapter 8|20 pages

Beyond Borders: Scaling-up Marine Turtle Conservation Through Transnational Arrangements

ByAndres B. Masipiqueña, Mercedes D. Masipiqueña, Denyse J. Snelder

chapter 9|14 pages

Adapting to Water Scarcity in a Changing Climate: The Role of Institutions in Transborder Settings

ByDarryn McEvoy, Francesc Cots, Kate Lonsdale, Joan David Tàbara, Saskia Werners