Organizational Identity in Practice provides much-needed, in-depth studies on what happens when  aspirations, claims and beliefs interact. Given the practical needs of managers and students, this exciting new text provides readers with more insight into what differences in these identity aspirations, claims and beliefs really mean and what we may expect to occur when these differences become visible and what the outcomes of these processes are likely to be.

The diverse case studies illustrate how well-known firms have dealt with the broad issues of "who we are as an organization" and "what makes us similar or distinct from others" and cover a broad range of industries, firms, and organizational forms. The cases from companies such as Air France, AT&T, Bang & Olufsen, BP, Statoil, Starbucks, Scania and Alfa Romeo are focused on the broad topics of organizational identity, strategy and the environment, multiple and conflicting identities, the construction of identities, and how organizations express and project their identities. The authors give scholars, students and managers valuable ideas on how to deal with organizational identity challenges within firms.

chapter |11 pages


ByLin Lerpold, Davide Ravasi, Johan van Rekom, Guillaume Soenen

part |66 pages

Identity, strategy, and the environment

chapter |16 pages

Scania's bonneted trucks

ByOlof Brunninge

chapter |15 pages

Why do managers talk about identity?

ByRoxana Barbulescu, John Weeks

chapter |13 pages

Organizational identity and formulating strategy

The breaking and remaking of AT&T
ByYolanda Sarason, Johan van Rekom

chapter |16 pages

Handelsbanken and internet banking

ByOlof Brunninge

part |72 pages

Identity construction

chapter |16 pages

The Swedish Industrial Development Fund

State trust, bank, or venture capitalist?
ByCiara Sutton

chapter |18 pages

Organizational culture and identity at Bang & Olufsen 1

ByDavide Ravasi, Majken Schultz

chapter |14 pages

An identity-based internationalization process

The BP and Statoil alliance
ByLin Lerpold

chapter |16 pages

Practice and identity

Using a brand symbol to construct organizational identity
ByCelia Virginia Harquail

part |81 pages

Projecting organizational identities

chapter |17 pages


Constructing a multiplex identity in the specialty coffee industry
ByViólina Rindova

chapter |23 pages

Projecting organizational identity through organizational dress at Air France, 1933–2005

ByGuillaume Soenen, Philippe Monin, Audrey Rouzies

chapter |17 pages

Crafting an Inter-National identity

The Nordea case
ByEero Vaara, Janne Tienari, Olivier Irrmann

part |12 pages


chapter |10 pages

Analyzing organizational identities

Some guidelines for practice
ByLin Lerpold, Davide Ravasi, Johan van Rekom, Guillaume Soenen