Of the ...big three... components of the electricity infrastructure, distribution typically gets the least attention, and no thorough, up-to-date treatment of the subject has been published in years. Filling that void, the Electric Power Distribution Handbook provides comprehensive information on the electrical aspects of power distribution systems

chapter 1|32 pages

Fundamentals of Distribution Systems

chapter 2|58 pages

Overhead Lines

chapter 3|68 pages

Underground Distribution

chapter 4|74 pages


chapter 5|36 pages

Voltage Regulation

chapter 6|42 pages

Capacitor Application

chapter 7|64 pages


chapter 8|66 pages

Short-Circuit Protection

chapter 9|38 pages


chapter 10|60 pages

Voltage Sags and Momentary Interruptions

chapter 11|48 pages

Other Power Quality Issues

chapter 12|64 pages

Lightning Protection

chapter 13|48 pages

Grounding and Safety

chapter 14|52 pages

Distributed Generation