Information Security Policies and Procedures: A Practitioner‘s Reference, Second Edition illustrates how policies and procedures support the efficient running of an organization. This book is divided into two parts, an overview of security policies and procedures, and an information security reference guide. This volume points out how securi

part 1|284 pages

Information Security Policies and Procedures

chapter Chapter 1|14 pages


chapter Chapter 2|14 pages

Why Manage This Process as a Project?

chapter Chapter 3|16 pages

Planning and Preparation

chapter Chapter 4|34 pages

Developing Policies

chapter Chapter 5|32 pages

Asset Classification Policy

chapter Chapter 6|28 pages

Developing Standards

chapter Chapter 7|23 pages

Developing Procedures

chapter Chapter 8|14 pages

Creating a Table of Contents

part 2|86 pages

Information Security Reference Guide

chapter Chapter 10|4 pages

Introduction to Information Security

chapter Chapter 11|6 pages

Fundamentals of Information Security

chapter Chapter 12|3 pages

Employee Responsibilities

chapter Chapter 13|6 pages

Information Classification

chapter Chapter 14|3 pages

Information Handling

chapter Chapter 15|4 pages

Tools of Information Security

chapter Chapter 16|9 pages

Information Processing

chapter Chapter 17|3 pages

Information Security Program Administration

chapter Chapter 18|30 pages

Baseline Organization Information Security Program