Since the publication of the first edition, important developments have emerged in modern mushroom biology and world mushroom production and products. The relationship of mushrooms with human welfare and the environment, medicinal properties of mushrooms, and the global marketing value of mushrooms and their products have all garnered great attenti

chapter 1|25 pages


chapter 3|13 pages

Medicinal Value

chapter 4|40 pages

Overview of the Biology of Fungi

chapter 5|11 pages

Substrate and Mycelial Growth

chapter 10|13 pages

Culture Preservation

chapter 11|17 pages

World Production of Edible Mushrooms

chapter 13|40 pages

Lentinula — A Mushrooming Mushroom

chapter 18|13 pages

Dictyophora — Formerly for the Few

chapter 22|21 pages

Technology and Mushrooms