What if you were suddenly in charge? After the initial excitement of a "battlefield promotion" wears off, you need to get in the trenches and get the job done. And if you are already in the trenches, you need quick access to information that will make your job easier. A comprehensive desk reference and guide, Clinical Studies Management: A Practica

chapter 1|18 pages

CH 1 Drug Development and Industry Trends

chapter 4|12 pages

CH 4 Goals and Standards

chapter 5|8 pages

CH 5 Budgets

chapter 6|6 pages

CH 6 Time

chapter 7|6 pages

CH 7 Resources

chapter 8|4 pages

CH 8 Measurement

chapter 9|8 pages

CH 9 Communications

chapter 10|8 pages

CH 10 Training

chapter 11|6 pages

CH 11 Surviving Quality Assurance Audits

chapter 12|4 pages

CH 12 Troubleshooting: A Case History

chapter 13|4 pages

CH 13 Conclusions