SCM doesn't change management goals, but relies on new knowledge, practices, and skills to better achieve those goals. Going it alone, without collaborating with supply chain partners, is a dead-end strategy. Without a doubt, effective supply chains will be the product of successful application of project management disciplines coupled with innovat

chapter 1|8 pages

st Century Chapter

chapter 2|10 pages


chapter 3|22 pages

Drivers of Supply Chain Change

chapter 5|8 pages

Levels of Project Management Maturity

chapter 6|8 pages

Project Management Language

chapter 7|24 pages

Project Management Knowledge Areas

chapter 8|20 pages

SCOR and SCM Project Management

chapter 10|10 pages

SCM Maturity Model

chapter 11|8 pages

Introduction to SCM Executing Processes

chapter 12|48 pages

Developing a Supply Chain Strategy

chapter 13|18 pages

Implementing Collaborative Relationships

chapter 14|22 pages

Forging Supply Chain Partnerships

chapter 15|38 pages

Improving Supply Chain Processes and Systems