In the period between the birth of quantum mechanics and the late 1950s, V.A. Fock wrote papers that are now deemed classics. In his works on theoretical physics, Fock not only skillfully applied advanced analytical and algebraic methods, but also systematically created new mathematical tools when existing approaches proved insufficient.

This co

chapter 23|10 pages

1 On Rayleigh’s Pendulum

chapter 26|10 pages

1 On Schro¨dinger’s wave mechanics

chapter 28|18 pages

4 Proof of the Adiabatic Theorem

chapter 29|20 pages

4 Dirac Wave Equation and Riemann Geometry

chapter 30|4 pages

1 A Comment on the Virial Relation

chapter 30|4 pages

5 The Mechanics of Photons

chapter 32|4 pages

3∗ On Dirac’s quantum electrodynamics

chapter 32|14 pages

5∗ On quantum electrodynamics

chapter 33|6 pages

1∗ On the theory of positrons

chapter 33|16 pages

2 On Quantum Exchange Energy

chapter 34|38 pages

3∗ On quantum electrodynamics

chapter 35|12 pages

1 Hydrogen Atom and Non-Euclidean Geometry

chapter 35|8 pages

2 Extremal Problems in Quantum Theory

chapter 57|18 pages

1 On the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics