Originally published in 1985, Capital City: London as a Financial Centre proves in depth analytical description of the financial institutions of the City of London. The book describes in detail the operations of the banks, the stock market, the insurance world and other bodies that make up the world’s largest international financial centre. The book also answers a series of questions on the City’s performance, accountability and honesty and explains how the City reached its present position, discuss its future.



chapter One|20 pages

How it all happened

chapter Two|24 pages

Personal banking

chapter Three|28 pages

Money market banking

chapter Four|26 pages

The money and foreign exchange markets

chapter Five|27 pages

The institutional investors

chapter Six|35 pages

The securities market

chapter Seven|32 pages

The insurance world

chapter Eight|24 pages

The commodity markets and the Baltic Exchange

chapter Nine|28 pages

The Bank of England

chapter Ten|8 pages

Where the City goes now