The Extraction and Refining of Metals provides a novel approach to the science and technology of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal production. Rather than the traditional treatment in which one metal at a time is considered, this new approach, which examines several metals at a time, reveals more clearly the versatility and limitations of each of the main types of process. The restrictions imposed on the selection of the process routes by thermodynamic and kinetic factors and by economic and environmental constraints are examined in detail. The conservation of energy and materials is emphasized and illustrated by the description of new and improved extraction methods.
The types of mathematical models that are being developed for computer control of production operations are indicated, and worked examples demonstrate relevant thermodynamic and mass balance calculations.

chapter 1|49 pages

The Economics of Metal Production

chapter 2|44 pages

Theoretical Principles—l Thermodynamics

chapter 3|28 pages

Theoretical Principles—2 Kinetics

chapter 4|66 pages

Pyrometallurgical Extraction

chapter 5|48 pages


chapter 6|24 pages


chapter 7|21 pages

Electrolytic Extraction and Refining

chapter 8|21 pages

Environmental Issues

chapter 9|13 pages

Computer Control of Metal Production