The third edition of this popular introductory text maintains the character that won worldwide respect for its predecessors but features a number of enhancements that broaden its scope, increase its utility, and bring the treatment thoroughly up to date. It provides complete coverage of the statistical ideas and methods essential to students in agriculture or experimental biology. In addition to covering fundamental methodology, this treatment also includes more advanced topics that the authors believe help develop an appreciation of the breadth of statistical methodology now available. The emphasis is not on mathematical detail, but on ensuring students understand why and when various methods should be used.

New in the Third Edition:

  • A chapter on the two simplest yet most important methods of multivariate analysis
  • Increased emphasis on modern computer applications
  • Discussions on a wider range of data types and the graphical display of data
  • Analysis of mixed cropping experiments and on-farm experiments
  • chapter 1|8 pages


    chapter 2|19 pages

    Probability and Distributions

    chapter 4|18 pages

    A Simple Experiment

    chapter 9|21 pages

    Studying Linear Relationships

    chapter 10|32 pages

    More Complex Relationships

    chapter 11|36 pages

    Linear Models

    chapter 12|30 pages

    Nonlinear Models

    chapter 13|24 pages

    The Analysis of Proportions

    chapter 18|12 pages

    Sampling Finite Populations