A basic, unified reference, rather than a description of the current experimental activity, presenting the scientific and engineering principles of single-mode optical fibers. It does, however, update discussions to reflect developments since the 1983 first edition, particularly those on international standards for fibres and measurement procedures, improvements in fibre attenuation control, fibre gyrometry, high-birefringence fibres, dispersion shifted and dispersion flattened fibres, connectors and splicing equipment, long distance terrestrial and undersea communication systems, and long distance transmissions systems.

chapter 1|59 pages

Basic Theory

chapter 2|70 pages

Birefringence Properties

chapter 3|28 pages


chapter 4|37 pages

Signal Distortion

chapter 5|50 pages


chapter 6|36 pages

Passive Components

chapter 7|48 pages

Telecommunication Applications

chapter 8|24 pages

Sensor Applications

chapter 9|14 pages

Nonlinear Optical Effects