Reliability is an essential concept in mathematics, computing, research, and all disciplines of engineering, and reliability as a characteristic is, in fact, a probability. Therefore, in this book, the author uses the statistical approach to reliability modelling along with the MINITAB software package to provide a comprehensive treatment of modelling, from the basics through advanced modelling techniques.The book begins by presenting a thorough grounding in the elements of modelling the lifetime of a single, non-repairable unit. Assuming no prior knowledge of the subject, the author includes a guide to all the fundamentals of probability theory, defines the various measures associated with reliability, then describes and discusses the more common lifetime models: the exponential, Weibull, normal, lognormal and gamma distributions. She concludes the groundwork by looking at ways of choosing and fitting the most appropriate model to a given data set, paying particular attention to two critical points: the effect of censored data and estimating lifetimes in the tail of the distribution.The focus then shifts to topics somewhat more difficult:the difference in the analysis of lifetimes for repairable versus non-repairable systems and whether repair truly ""renews"" the systemmethods for dealing with system with reliability characteristic specified for more than one component or subsystemthe effect of different types of maintenance strategiesthe analysis of life test dataThe final chapter provides snapshot introductions to a range of advanced models and presents two case studies that illustrate various ideas from throughout the book.

chapter 1|20 pages

Basic Concepts

chapter 2|16 pages

Common Lifetime Models

chapter 3|17 pages

Model Selection

chapter 4|26 pages

Model Fitting

chapter 5|20 pages

Repairable Systems

chapter 6|25 pages

System Reliability

chapter 7|21 pages

Models for Functions of Random Variables

chapter 8|26 pages

Maintenance Strategies

chapter 9|35 pages

Life Testing and Inference

chapter 10|28 pages

Advanced Models