Poetry, Therapy and Emotional Life explores the thoughts of poets, therapists and counsellors in relation to the human condition with a practical component on how poetry can be used in therapeutic work. Concentrating on the theories of Freud, Jung, Rogers, Berne, Perls and Ellis, the book examines topics such as human motivation, experience and neurosis. It encourages readers to take a fresh and enthusiastic approach to their work as counsellors, therapists or writers, and appeals to anyone with a love of poetry or writing as a means of self expression. The text contains a wealth of poetic examples both traditional and modern, along with samples from clients in creative writing groups, schools and healthcare settings. Psychological therapists and counsellors, health and social care workers, and writers alike will find this very accessible book invaluable.

part 1|83 pages

chapter 21|13 pages

Poetry and therapy: a common pathway

chapter 2|11 pages

Transitions in life: early stages

chapter 263|10 pages

Transitions in life: later stages

chapter 364|15 pages

Spirituality, nature and religion

chapter 5|12 pages

Attachment and loss

chapter 6|9 pages

Loss and régénération

chapter 727|12 pages


part 842|3 pages


chapter 969|11 pages

Running Creative writing groups

chapter 10|14 pages

Poetry in Healthcare settings

chapter 14213|10 pages

Poetry in counselling training

chapter 152To|3 pages


chapter |3 pages

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