Nonlinear Dynamics: A Two-Way Trip from Physics to Math provides readers with the mathematical tools of nonlinear dynamics to tackle problems in all areas of physics. The selection of topics emphasizes bifurcation theory and topological analysis of dynamical systems. The book includes real-life problems and experiments as well as exercises and work

chapter 1|17 pages

Nonlinear dynamics in nature

chapter 2|20 pages

Linear dynamics

chapter |14 pages

Nonlinear examples

chapter |17 pages

Elements of the description

chapter |14 pages

Elementary stability theory

chapter |9 pages

Bi-dimensional flows

chapter |39 pages


chapter 8|26 pages

Numerical experiments

chapter |8 pages

Global bifurcations: I

chapter |16 pages


chapter |21 pages

One-dimensional maps

chapter |20 pages

The dynamics behind data

chapter 14|36 pages

Perturbative methods: averaging

chapter |17 pages

Bifurcations and symmetries

chapter |28 pages

Global bifurcations: II