Learn how to overcome resolution limitations caused by atmospheric turbulence in Imaging Through Turbulence. This hands-on book thoroughly discusses the nature of turbulence effects on optical imaging systems, techniques used to overcome these effects, performance analysis methods, and representative examples of performance. Neatly pulling together widely scattered material, it covers Fourier and statistical optics, turbulence effects on imaging systems, simulation of turbulence effects and correction techniques, speckle imaging, adaptive optics, and hybrid imaging. Imaging Through Turbulence is written in tutorial style, logically guiding you through these essential topics. It helps you bring down to earth the complexities of coping with turbulence.

chapter 1|14 pages


chapter 2|41 pages

Background: Fourier and Statistical Optics

chapter 3|66 pages

Turbulence Effects on Imaging Systems

chapter 4|46 pages

Speckle Imaging Techniques

chapter 5|76 pages

Adaptive Optical Imaging Systems

chapter 6|70 pages

Hybrid Imaging Techniques