Featuring new and updated information on computer technologies, including networking and using the Internet as a necessary tool for professionals, Human Services Technology: Understanding, Designing, and Implementing Computer and Internet Applications in the Social Services will help individual human service professionals and agencies understand, design, implement, and manage computer and Internet applications. Combining several relevant fields, this informative guide provides you with the knowledge to effectively collect, store, manipulate, and communicate information to better serve clients and successfully manage human service agencies. Human Services Technology explains basic technological terms and gives you the history of technology uses before you explore other areas of Information Technology (IT). This essential guide will also improve your ability to find and understand recent research and information on important topics. Human Services Technology will expand your technical know-how and help you better serve clients by offering you proven methods and explanations, such as:

  • describing terms--such as hardware, networking, and telecommunications--with easy-to-understand analogies and examples
  • using IT applications to support social policies, improve service coordination among agencies, efficiently manage agencies in order to save time, support workers’decision making with information, and assist clients
  • solving the problems that internal and external issues cause when determining IT needs, such as working with federal reporting requirements
  • understanding and dealing with the 10 most critical IT issues for management
Containing dozens of graphs, tables, and figures, this knowledgeable book will help you with any IT problem you encounter. Symbols by certain subjects in the book indicate that you can find more information and references on that issue through links on the book?s accompanying Web site. Human Services Technology will enable you to thoroughly understand and use IT to help you offer improved services to clients and manage agencies with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

chapter 101|8 pages


part 1|51 pages

Part I: Basic Concepts and History

chapter 1|19 pages

Personal Views of Human Service Technology

chapter 2|29 pages

Basic Concepts and Historical Context

part 2|79 pages

Part II: Applications of Information Technology in the Human Services

chapter 4|29 pages

Management Applications

chapter 5|27 pages

Human Services IT Applications

part 3|192 pages

PART III: Designing, Developing, and Implementing Information Technology Systems

part 4|76 pages

Part IV: Maintaining Information Technology

chapter 13|36 pages

Trends, Issues, and the Future